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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone who stumbles across this post, on this day, a very Merry Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of the year to reflect, and observe. Reflect on the months that have passed and observe from them what can be done differently heading into 2015.

Goals are always set around this time of the year, I wonder what might be penned and carried out moving forward?

The Lord’s richest blessing be yours!


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Cluttered Perspective

The cluttered perspective. Interesting play on words.

When I view something through my lens it looks cluttered, unappealing, distraught, perhaps even mystically miss-aligned. Yet through the viewer’s eye it means everything to them.

It is logically possible that while something is in perfect perspective on the one hand, it is a mesh-mash on the other. Following the shifting paradigm yet?

When we address the poor and needy, what comes to mind almost immediately?

  • Children in Africa that have suffered at the hands of injustice, abuse and careless management of resource born out of hierarchical greed
  • Homeless people in your community, whether by choice or some misfortune that befell them
  • Seniors that have no family to care for them in the last leg of their journey in life

Would it be conceivably possible for the scale to be weighed and to find those that on the outside appear to have it all, yet are of the very same fabric as those we see physically in need, yet they suffer inwardly? This is the cluttered perspective.

Recently I was at a conference where we got to hear from many leaders in the corporate world and those in leadership across a gamut of NGO’s and foundations across the globe. One speaker that struck a chord within me was Tyler Perry. During his discussion Bill Hybels asked him “do you go to church?” such a simple question, yet Tyler’s response was profound. He said “there are times I just want to go to church, sit in the crowd, sing as loud as I want, listen to the sermon, have a good time with all my brothers and sisters…and yet I can’t. In being famous there is no alone time, no freedom to be yourself anymore. People are constantly asking for money, for favors, and what no one understands is that outwardly we may have it all, but inwardly we are just as human as the next person, with the same needs.”

The cluttered perspective. In many respects the categories of need above are one and the same. Just that for a certain demographic the needs are obvious and evident, while for others the same needs are metaphorical, seemingly unattainable. One category of needs can be in the public eye and go unfulfilled, as do the needs of those who are high-profile members of society. I would hazard to say that, for the disenfranchised there remains a hope, daily – that someone will come across their path, and meet their need. Yet for those who are classed as the “Have-it-all” their inner most needs go unfulfilled, no matter where they turn there is emptiness, loneliness and despair that is easily and temporarily drowned by the waves of success.

Imagine if it were possible to ascertain a need based on the inward classification of the heart, rather than through the lens of color, geographical location or position in society? The cluttered perspective would suddenly make sense and be visible to all and afford an incredible paradigm shift from the less obvious to those in plain sight. In the end it all levels out, it’s not cluttered any more but in plain view, the right perspective.

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Content Matters

There is a lot of hype about content. It either gains momentum as it garners interest or you lose your target audience within moments.

matterContent matters! I have found that often the best told story is the one you have lived yourself. It’s penned in the paragraphs that what you speak of is truth, and this is meaningful to your readers. Pinocchio had a hard time telling the truth, his tell-tale sign was an ever-growing nose. Have you ever been in the company of someone, or read an article and felt the content qualified for a Pinocchio moment?

I remember as an Apprentice Pressman, the Journeyman who was teaching me the tools of the trade always said to me “do as I say; NOT as I do”. At the time I didn’t understand the philosophical wording of this statement, but as time went by, I soon began to see the dichotomous play on words. Shortcuts became the norm, while verbal instruction was somewhat far removed. He literally would take shortcuts and then explain the correct process which was an immediate and continued disconnect.

Looking back over the years, I have found it not only vital, but necessary to say what you mean, and mean what you say. It is in the integrity of what is lived and spoken that your audience will listen, or at least give you their attention.

So, content does matter. If you are thinking it, then say it as you think, and you will be sure to grab the attention of your audience.

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Formula One Motor Racing Dilemma

You’ve all heard of Formula One motor racing at some point. From the late greats Fangio and Senna, to the 2014 crowned World Champion Lewis Hamilton – almost choke typing his name! But that’s another story for another time.

On the last day of December 2013, Michael Schumacher, notably the world’s most celebrated racing driver in history, was out skiing with his son and friends, when he fell and hit his head off piste. Almost immediately there was a media lock-down on his prognosis, and news through the year has been less than forthcoming.

tifosiI think of fans who religiously followed Schumi through his F1 career, starting in karting, rising through the ranks, racing for Benetton, then his rise to fame with Ferrari where he clinched 7 world championships before retiring briefly, then making a comeback to race with Mercedes with Rossberg alongside. There are those who could afford it, and would travel faithfully to each circuit through a racing calendar to watch their hero race, set and break records at one point almost on a weekly basis, these people were called Tifosi – more commonly identified as the ever-present sea of red at any F1 racing weekend.Since Michael’s retirement, interest world-wide waned a little, but its a huge sport, with insurmountable dollars being thrown at it by sponsors, and it will continue it’s legend on the racing world. That said though, with the media respecting the family’s wishes to give them space while Michael recovers, having spent what we know of possible the past 11 months in a coma, allow me to ask you this question:

Is it a fair assumption to say that the Tifosi, racing fraternity and world at large be left in the cold with the lack and absence of frequent updates, images and eventual realistic prognosis of their hero?

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The Sometimes Long Middle

On that day, you won’t ask me for anything. Truly, I tell all of you emphatically, whatever you ask the Father for in my name, he will give it to you. John 16:23

longmiddlePowerful little scripture there. Have you considered the “long middle” concerning your request and when it receives an answer, if at all? This is often a dilemma that is one of life’s biggest unanswered questions. I am convinced that by one question that we present in prayer, much must take place to afford an answer.  Have we considered that sometimes the long middle is when the Lord is most at work, on our behalf bringing together in its rightful time, the answer?

I heard this morning as Tim Delina preached, that for the one request we bring to the Lord in prayer, He works 10,000 pieces together to grow us first, and purpose our lives before an answer comes. Much like being faithful with the smaller things before accountability in the greater can come.

Consider this, if you are in the long middle, or about to bring a request seeking an answer, that you:

  • have a servant’s faithful heart
  • allow for growth in the journey
  • let God do the 10,000 things needed before your answer comes

It is humbling and absolutely profound to grasp the reality that the Lord serves us more than we serve Him. So many moving parts to tend to, and then we are discouraged and disgruntled why the answer does not come swiftly.

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Black what & Cyber who?

The prediction in the continental USA for Black Friday and Cyber Monday estimates that 12 billion dollars in revenue will be traded. That’s really impressive!

It’s a trend that grows every year without fail. It’s a trend that is spilling over into mainstream Europe and Southern Africa. The concept is genius. You own and operate either a chain of stores, a corporation or even a good old-fashioned Mom & Pop storefront and bank on the Friday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday to add positives to cash flow. The puzzling attribute is that the sheer volume of discounts being offered are in some instances nothing short of incredible and amazing. So if margin exists at a consumer level on discounted merchandise, then…

A point to ponder is if such discounts are profitable based on volume, would not every pay period present a Black Friday and Cyber Monday type scenario, if the same discounts were in play? If such bank roll is possible to the extent of profitability then the question beckons on the part of corporate entities “by lowering consumer pricing – wouldn’t this generate the volume needed to sustain margin, profitability and consumer traffic“.

If Black what & Cyber who can generate 12 billion dollars in revenue over a holiday weekend, how much of a global impact could this form of cash flow transform impoverished nations and level a few playing fields in the global economy, while sustaining the global manufacturing sector, global trading beneficiaries and partnerships across a plethora of entrepreneurs?

This is a healthy concept! Alas greed and selfishness could be the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of the demise of such sustainability.

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