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Warning: Rant in Progress

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According to

A rant is an argument that is fueled by passion, not shaped by facts. When the shouting starts on talk radio, or when a blog commenter resorts to ALL CAPS — you’re almost certainly encountering an instance of ranting.

Rant comes from the Dutch ranten, “to talk nonsense.Rave is a close synonym — in fact, “to rant and rave” is a popular expression. When rant is used as a noun, it means something like tirade. The first recorded usage of rant is from the end of the sixteenth century, in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor. By the middle of the turbulent seventeenth century, the name Ranters was used as a catchall pejorative for various groups of radical Christian dissenters.

So I asked myself the question ‘what fuels my passion?‘ and certain rant-able events began to fill my mind that led almost immediately to a lengthy meander down the all familiar interpretation that struck a cord above, to most this list will resemble ‘nonsense talk‘, while for others there may be some form of self-identification and agreement. Either way, it’s all good, I don’t anticipate changing the world here:

  • you slow down to graciously make room for the vehicle in front of you trying to barge into your lane, driver of said vehicle speeds ahead, then slows down, moves into the next lane, and honks his horn at you with a hand-made gesture that is tasteless
  • you notice pedestrians are ignoring the lawful crossing place, as they move to the back of your vehicle to go behind you, you roll forward to make room for their illegal crossing, and obscenities are hurled at you, followed by a disgusting loogie planted on your back windshield (yeah this happened…)
  • you pull up behind a vehicle trying to punch in a gate code, you have a remote and proceed to open the gate for them, they notice the gate is magically opening, there is no gesture of appreciation, thanks or acknowledgement, just a grumpy “ok…I got it!” response
  • you alert the vehicle next to you on the freeway that their gas tank hatch is open, for some reason the motion is interpreted as “get lost creeper” followed by the all too familiar hand gesture (yeah this happened…)
  • you obviously have an accent, and there’s always that one person in the crowd who thinks it’s amazing and funny to try to mimic your accent
  • you once lived on the African continent, and someone makes a random comment, ‘I once knew john doe from Madagascar, did you ever meet him?
  • employees that work in the food industry, go on break, in the front of the establishment, and smoke
  • employees that go on break, and for some reason clear their throat or nose and spit as soon as they exit the building (notoriously evident at grocery establishments)
  • shoppers who think they are smart by carefully sandwiching their cart between vehicles and sneakily look around and smirk, as if to say ‘yeah…I am leaving it right here
  • someone parks too close to you, opens their door, in plain sight and dings the side of your car, and then has the gall to look you in the eye, and smile as if nothing just happened, like it’s your fault
  • your neighbor is out walking their pet, it happens to poop on your lawn, and they walk away glibly with the ‘I ain’t picking that up‘ expression

Ah that feels good! I just successfully had a ‘rant and rave‘, about things that fuel my passion, and to you it’s just me doing some ‘nonsense talk‘.

Here’s a question for you – what fuels your passion in the same manner? If you could rant within moderation, what would your list of pet peeves look like? Submit your rants and get them published…

hmmkiki’s Rant & Rave Submission #1

  • Drivers not signalling early and cross over too close for comfort in front of you.
  • I really dislike being disturbed when I’m on a roll in my typing of my university work.
  • I have to display superman strength of patience and quietness when people are LATE for any form of outing that involves food. More than 30 min is when I have to start some form of meditation to manage it all.

Gail N’s Rant & Rave Submission #2

  • My No.1 rant has to be the pavements in Dublin. When we first arrived in this country I wondered why all the pavements looked as if they had splatters of paint on them until I realized that they were actually discarded pieces of chewing gum carelessly spat out if people’s mouths and trodden on so many times that it would be impossible to scrape them off!
  • My No.2 rant would have to be that there is no free pavement to walk on as the spaces between the chewing gum are taken up by people who seem to think it’s alright to spit in public places …this would probably turn into my No.3 4 and 5 rants as well …yeah really really freaks me out!
  • My No.3 rant …If I had enough money to set myself up in business to design and manufacture a splattered chewing gum gobbler upper …I would spend my life cleaning up pavements, instead the government should automatically impose huge fines for offenders then I wouldn’t have to think of a machine to clean it all up! Hey … I like this ranting … or do I?

Ddruooe R’s Rant & Rave Submission #3

  • People who are late for any meeting without a valid excuse. Then they waltz in and still go get coffee and then a toilet break!! And come and sit down and expect the speaker to explain again for them.
  • The tube!! Grrrrrrr people who get into a full carriage with their BACKPACK STILL ON THEIR BACKS… then turn around!!
  • People who get off the escalator or come off a bus, off a tube, come out the door of a shop and just stop RIGHT THERE, no consideration to others coming behind them!!! Grrrrr or those who suddenly stop midwalk on a busy pavement. And lastly those tourists that stop in the middle of a busy pavement and open their maps!! Dunno if rantings have made me feel better or worse ha ha ha

Paul M’s Rant & Rave Submission #4

  • I find it very annoying all the drivers, in the passing lane, who want to go the same speed or slower than the cars in the middle lane. Signs are posted “Slower traffic stay to the right except to pass”.

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