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Black what & Cyber who?

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The prediction in the continental USA for Black Friday and Cyber Monday estimates that 12 billion dollars in revenue will be traded. That’s really impressive!

It’s a trend that grows every year without fail. It’s a trend that is spilling over into mainstream Europe and Southern Africa. The concept is genius. You own and operate either a chain of stores, a corporation or even a good old-fashioned Mom & Pop storefront and bank on the Friday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday to add positives to cash flow. The puzzling attribute is that the sheer volume of discounts being offered are in some instances nothing short of incredible and amazing. So if margin exists at a consumer level on discounted merchandise, then…

A point to ponder is if such discounts are profitable based on volume, would not every pay period present a Black Friday and Cyber Monday type scenario, if the same discounts were in play? If such bank roll is possible to the extent of profitability then the question beckons on the part of corporate entities “by lowering consumer pricing – wouldn’t this generate the volume needed to sustain margin, profitability and consumer traffic“.

If Black what & Cyber who can generate 12 billion dollars in revenue over a holiday weekend, how much of a global impact could this form of cash flow transform impoverished nations and level a few playing fields in the global economy, while sustaining the global manufacturing sector, global trading beneficiaries and partnerships across a plethora of entrepreneurs?

This is a healthy concept! Alas greed and selfishness could be the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of the demise of such sustainability.

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

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