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Crowdfunding Online

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It’s been an interesting year of trials, errors and development. The most exciting news is the introduction of an interesting concept that has now become one of the fastest growing cyber community funding platforms.

Back in the day, this was probably one of the hardest forms of fundraising that anyone would dare embark on. It meant writing snail mail letters, cost in postage, physical contact as far as sharing your need with those in your circle of influence, community or groups of interest. Often the support wouldn’t materialize or the end goals wouldn’t be accomplished. Exit old school stage left, and lights, camera, action…crowdfunding online.

Suddenly your circle of influence literally grows to exponential levels, based on social media networking, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family, extended families and the cyber-world at large. Instead of the archaic method of fundraising used in the distant past; today, you can search multiple platforms based on genre and need, create an account, login, and develop your own crowdsourcing campaign reaching a plethora of connections, by telling your story with conviction and authenticity – people you don’t even know start backing, supporting and donating to your campaign.

We saw an opening in the market, and took the plunge, developed a platfom and called it GifttideLLC a place where “connecting families, friends, communities and ministries” not only became a tagline, but introduced projects that needed funding ranging from weddings, to mission trips, family reunions and community projects.

To give you an idea of how a campaign works, here is a personal plug for a community project that is near and dear to my heart: Thorngrove Community Benevolent Trust Fund – the needs are legitimate focusing on health, education, environmental sustainability, and care of seniors in the community. Heading toward Christmas, this would be a campaign to back!

If you know of a need, and have no idea how to get it funded, we’d encourage you to check out GifttideLLC and create an account, build your campaign, submit it for approval, and then use your social networking platforms to spread the word.

Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinetrist, Google+ or LinkedIn? The world just became a smaller footprint for you to reach out and share you campaign. Don’t know where to start? Contact the folks over at GifttideLLC and they will walk you through the process:

Author: Vic J

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