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Breaking the Silence

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I am without excuse. Unbelievable lapse of time since I have posted anything – pretty sad. Sitting here today and reflecting on the past. It’s Father’s Day and all these months have simply trickled by, some good, some tough, but gone, they are.

colorado-springs-1This is a significant time to send out a post…we left California for Colorado almost a year ago to this day. We flew into Denver, drove down the Colorado Springs and started a new chapter in our life, not knowing what the future would hold. Two weeks into this new adventure we encountered the Waldo Canyon fire. A ferocious mountain side fire that ravaged through the canyon reducing everything in its’ path to ashes. Our new building was placed under mandatory evacuation, and many homes were destroyed. Fast forward to this past week: The Black Forest Fire. Started Tuesday and burned up 478 homes, claimed the lives of two, and made international headlines as being one of the worst fires in Colorado’s history. The heat and wind conditions made for a perfect raging fire that brought immense destruction through one of Colorado Springs most beautiful forest areas. Just a week before we had taken Tammy and Aaron for a picnic at Fox run Regional Park adjacent to Black Forest, and I distinctly remember commenting how awesome it would be to live nestled in the woods, but that the danger of fire would be high, and then that same week – destruction.

The support of the community has been nothing short of amazing. From workmates to total strangers lending a hand where possible, discounting personal needs for the need of others, and being able to witness the first responders working around the clock to battle this blaze has been an awesome experience.

So how did we end up in Colorado Springs? Good question…

Outreach Inc. the company that I am employed with, had been planning for almost two years to relocate to Colorado, and we were fortunate to be in a position where this became an easy decision for us to make, and so we committed to the move, and here we are a year later engaged and committed to an amazing team, being able to partner with churches across the USA and world at large to promote Jesus Christ and His gospel through various applications of print and electronic media.

Life in Colorado Springs is wonderful. It’s such a beautiful city! Less traffic, less people, and everyone is friendly, it literally is akin to being in a completely different country. There is a wonderful quality of life available here, and to appreciate it, means committing to the community, to the people that make it such a great place to stay. It is said that there are over 900 churches in the Springs, and that doesn’t surprise me in the least. We are blessed to fellowship at The Springs Church which is led by Pastor Gary Wilkerson, son of David Wilkerson author of The Cross and Switch Blade, as well as Nicky Cruz (Run Baby Run). Some of the larger organizations have made this their home, Focus on the Family, Compassion International, Bibles for the World etc. Having the freedom for this time to not shrink back and be able to freely promote the Gospel is a wonderful thing.

Looking back over the past year, I can say that I am completely humbled at God’s faithfulness. Through the move, fires, and other challenges He has remained faithful and good. It’s amazing how we can be so easily thrown off course, and yet He remains at the helm of life regardless of the storms we face. I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercies that are new every morning.

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