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A.O.T.P – All Over The Page


So it’s been a while since I posted a simple random thread. It’s Sunday afternoon and I figured while it’s still weekend, and the sun is fixing to set, and a few random things have happened lately, this would be a good time to catch up on my random access to information…in my mind.

I posted a few images on Facebook recently. Outside of the kitchen window one day I was peering into the bush that brushes against the building. A faint turquoise glistening reflection caught my eye, and there I noticed a miniature nest with a tiny humming bird jealously sitting guard. Later that day, by strange coincidence I noticed a dove hovering around the humming bird, and wondered to myself if this was going to be the scene of a predatory invasion, dove versus humming bird; when suddenly I noticed the dove carrying grass and flying toward our front door! Opening the door, in the flower pot, low and behold the dove was building her nest!

I thought to myself, this wouldn’t last, and the dove was definitely lacking in wisdom, judgment and obscurity. If anything; her nest wasn’t going to be completed, and with all the foot traffic by the front door how would she be able to lay her eggs, let alone complete building the nest and then brooding over her clutch? F.A.I.L.U.R.E is imminent – that’s what ran through my mind.

Ten days later, the dove has completed her nest, laid two eggs and sits on them day and night, without fail. She gives us all the deepest look of contempt when we open the door or walk by her on our way through the front door – honestly, how else are we supposed to get inside? What is amazing is that we have this silent agreement so it seems; she stares us down, we feel intimidated walking by her, and she fluffs herself into a dove ball when we walk by her. She doesn’t blink or bat an eyelid (am sure she has them!) and lets us pass by, even stand and chat with her, and then go on about our business. I expect she too will have chicks any day now – and then the little chirps of constant hunger will be heard throughout the day.

My hope is that the neighbors’ cat doesn’t decide to use its’ primal instinct to hunt and kill for the sake of the sport, knowing that at the end of the day she can rub herself up against her owner’s leg and be fed some scrumptious meal out of a can! But then that is nature, isn’t it?

It’s the point of two worlds colliding. Our human environment coming strangely close to nature, in the throws of birthing creation.

Why does the dove feel safe a yard from our front door? Why did the humming bird labor endlessly to build her nest outside our kitchen window? And why did both these birds decide of all the places and secluded spots that they would choose safe haven to rear their young in such close proximity to humans? Quite the set of questions…I marvel at creation.

Peering into the humming bird nest, and watching all the activity of late, I knew life had to be stirring. Low and behold, she has two of the tiniest chicks I have ever seen! I grabbed my camera a moment ago, and waited for her to return – dinner time, the occupants of the nest started rousing, and she fed them…I must say, of the many wild experiences from Africa, watching this tiny bird feed her little chicks was an amazing experience. She is so protective, watching for any sign of movement around her, while she jealously guards her young.

Any day now, the dove will have her two chicks and the cycle of life will continue, barring the neighbors’ cat from involvement!


Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

2 thoughts on “A.O.T.P – All Over The Page

  1. Hi Vic, God’s creation is marvelous. In the last month I have seen about 6 mule deer in the early morning coming down from the hill near my neighborhood. Today I walked Lady my dog near beautiful wildflowers, yellow, white, blue flowers.
    A verse of scripture came to mind – and the Voice of the Turtledove is heard in the land. I’ll have to look this up- believe Turtledove represents Jesus.


  2. Isn’t it amazing – I have been so caught up lately in the “rush” of life and just yesterday, lying on my bed and looking outside my window – the joy of an afternoon snooze – I felt such a rush of peace just watching the leaves move gently in the breeze and I tried to blot out all other sounds but nature ….. and there was the calming sound of the dove as well … nothing beats it. Happy Easter Jubbers – love you all x


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