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The Ground Zero Poll


World Trade Center site.

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What are your thoughts on the proposed construction of a Mosque in the vicinity of Ground Zero?

Your comments and votes are welcome; one of the freedoms we still enjoy.

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

2 thoughts on “The Ground Zero Poll

  1. I feel like we haven’t learned anything in all these years. The world trade center terrorists were not true Muslims. There are members of all religions who twist and reshape the religious teachings to serve their own agenda. The terrorists were not spiritual,Godly people. They had views that were skewed, distorted and really had not much to do with true Islam. They fueled each others hatred. Like a gang mentality snowballing out of control with no logical reasoning. Look at them like you may look at a KKK member who burns a cross. Many people interpret a religion in a polar or extreme way and think it is their responsibility to get a message across by violence. The people who will go to that mosque will be going to their place of worship. That’s all it is. It’s their church. They are not terrorists. No one is going to teach them to be terrorist there. I wonder how far they have to travel to go to their place of worship right now.


  2. They say that not all Moslems are terrorists but that all terrorists are Moslems! Who’s to blame for the fear that surrounds this faith and the extremists associated to it? If we were all in a position to distinguish Moslem extremists from those who truely need a place to worship there wouldn’t be an issue here! The main reason why I and many others opposed to this idea of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero is that the wounds of 911 are still fresh. So many questions remain to be answered and not all the people responsible for those attacks have been booked! It is already a poke in the eye that they would even consider building this church there without the healing process having taken its course!


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