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Keeping It Simple

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I often marvel at the technology that is available at our fingertips and the freedom we have today to share information across a multitude of platforms.

It was in 1995 that I sat in my office with an internet technician hooking up my computer to the “internet” via a “dial-up” modem. At the time I had no clue what he was talking about, let alone what it meant to be able to connect to the internet. My brother had told me about this incredible world that existed in “cyberspace” that would allow me to interact with millions of websites across the globe by simply dialing into the internet through my phone, which would then connect my computer to this “cyber world”…

The very first email I sent and received was electrifying! I clicked send, and within minutes received a reply from Holland! I was blown away – a whole new dimension opened up to my limited knowledge. A whole new world lay waiting to be explored from behind my keyboard. It dawned on me that in time I would no longer need to write letters, buy stamps and envelopes, neither would I need to stand lines at the post office to send off my letters! Now I could write an electronic mail, hit send and not have to worry about it being lost in the mail or undelivered, as long as I had the correct recipient address. Quite amazing!

Fifteen years and counting, I still marvel at the advances of technology. Understanding how all of this works is quite a brain teaser. But what I love about the internet is that it works. We have the ability to reach an infinite audience, day or night. We can send requests, share stories, research topics of interest, increase personal knowledge and stay connected to an ever expanding base of people that we are able to share our lives with.

Sadly, the internet has also become a divisive tool of wickedness. A recent poll suggests that over 90% of internet content is immoral and filled with filth set out to lure every possible audience into it’s clutches.

And yet on the other hand for all the negatively evil content that exists in cyberspace – there is a section of the world wide web that affords those searching, seeking and desirous of good clean content, the ability to find all the resources necessary for personal edification.

At the end of the day it boils down to what choice we make, what we search for, what we commit to filling our minds with that will either enslave or set us apart.

When I launched the Jubber Journal, it was a transition for me – from old school pen and paper to electronically penning my thoughts. I don’t think I could have anticipated how long this journal would become, how many people would follow it, let alone how long it would last. I never enjoyed English studies in school, and writing for me was the last thing on my mind, and yet today I enjoy sharing my thoughts and desires, knowing that anyone who might stumble upon this blog might see themselves in some way or other, and be encouraged somehow.

So, what really interests me today is; when I write and post entries and people read, that their lives would be challenged. Challenged for the good, to be encouraged in a positive way, and to know and understand that no matter what life throws at all of us, we are never alone, and that there is nothing new under the sun – really. That if we, for a moment, were sincere in all we do, that we could impact many lives within our circle of influence. I have always enjoyed sharing about my “circle of influence”. It’s a circle that includes people that are special to me, that have impacted my life, and have allowed me into their lives equally as I have embraced and allowed them into mine.

Sometimes we become disillusioned – thinking maybe we need to be the next Billy Graham, or some seriously gifted person with charisma and character that draws people to attention. Yet if we could just simply be ourselves, stand for what we believe, share what our convictions are, and not cower or shrink back, we would have the same impact as any of the greatest people who ever walked the face of the earth.

There are times when I have nothing to say, and other times will be vocal. And I think it is in that moment that we can be true to ourselves, to speak of our convictions, and to radiate what we believe in. Being authentic and living our lives in such a way that people can read us like a book, and follow the story with simplicity.

Life has a beginning, usually a long middle and an end. It isn’t always amazing, neither is itperfect. And yet during the long middle, it is in that furnace, that place of life that we are perfected, that the dross and chaff are burned away, and that which is pure, which is good remains, long after we have gone. The furnace experience is amazing. For some the trials and tribulations are short lived, surrender comes quickly. For others endurance takes on a totally new meaning, and the temperature seemingly continues to increase. Yet if we understand why we are in there, what the purpose is for our refining, and whom we are being refined for, then surely the long middle is well worth our preparation for the end result?

Are you in a furnace situation? Do you feel as though there is no sense in going on? Is this thing called “life” weighing you down? I can honestly and with complete sincerity share with you from my own life that surrender is not an option, no matter how harsh the storms of life, the stress of situations and uncontrollable circumstances, there will come a day when “this too shall pass” and victory will be yours.

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

One thought on “Keeping It Simple

  1. What u said is so true. The middle of life is long and challenging. If only we learn from it all. I still have a lot to learn…


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