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San Diego Wild Fire Update

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Hard to explain what is going on here right now. this is like a scene out of a movie, with spectacular effects. More than 500 000 people have been evacuated. Over 2000 homes and businesses have been totally destroyed. The Santa Ana winds have eased, there is now an onshore wind that is good and bad, good in the sense that the fires are not traveling west at this time, bad in the sense that the fire is now unpredictable in terms of direction. Since Sunday we have not seen the blue sky, the air is toxic and dumping ash 24/7.

We are staying home, are ready to leave at a moments notice, and are following the news constantly. I salute the State and Federal Agencies that are and have done a spectacular job with their commitment to fighting this disaster and for the highest possible professionalism that is being used around the clock to keep residents informed, safe and out of harms way.

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