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Crazy BUT true


So, the end of the weekend hits us all like a ton of bricks. I am really chuffed that the video/audio worked out. The secret to keeping young is …ummmm…DIGITALLY ENHANCED SOFTWARE. No honestly, Ken, Ang & Karin – if you were to see me in real life you would see the gray hair, the not-so-smooth baby skin on my face etc. Age is setting folks…

Coming to the States has not been an easy feet, but nonetheless a lot of us have left in the hope of securing a more stable future for our children, and to seek the possiblity of a secure lifestyle. It sure comes at a price doesn’t it? I am not sure if I mentioned this in my earlier blogs, but the adjustment has been huge, talk about a rapid ascent learning curve…do or die invironment, this has been it! But three years down the road it is finally starting to settle somewhat.

Hey guys, I keep asking you all if you have an interesting titbit you would like to share through the blog, or if you have an interesting weblink you would like added to the favorites…come on…give me something to work with here.

Going through some of my weird and whacky folders I stumbled across some pics I thought would be nice to share with you. The first one is really crazy, but true. Somewhere in the heartland a mother dog gave birth to a litter of puppies. They were cute, but as they grew older some really weird features started developping…so I present you thelma, louise and gertie…they genuinely were born and developed into these beauties, and are completely inseperable, makes you think doesn’t it…how did they do it?

Then a moment of genius came upon me before we left Zims…they have the Desktop Computer, the Laptop, but what about the Portable Computer? So, I scrambled into the garage, got a hold of an old PC I had laying around and went to work at building the contraption that would certainly make me a millionaire. Did I achieve the goal set out? Heck NO! Did I get some laughs from the neighbors…sure…BUT then again was it even me to begin with? You decide…

Not sure if you got to see this next amazing discovery on the news in your neck of the woods. But some chaps were deep in the jungle in South America, and heard the most amazing shreak coming from a miniature psychad palm. After further investigation, and a near heart stopping discovery the worlds’ smallest ever species of verigated bushtale monkey enter the world record books…you have got to see this to believe it. Now if they figured a way to breed this little critters I would be down at the petshop getting me one…

Ok, I already know what you are all thinking; Vic has got to be pulling our leg here…Indeed I am. None of the above is factual or real, but what is real is the use of Photoshop to trick the eye. Amazing what a couple of bored hours can produce sitting in front of a blank screen with an idle mind. These are digitally enhanced photos, none of the events occured, never took place and were not discovered – also for the record to all tree-huggers out there – no animals were hurt, injured, disfigured or maimed during the creation of this submission.

Sorry folks, this was a bit of a boring submission…just thought it would be nice to see the looks on some of your faces. Hey, make this week a good one, keep coming back, we will be submitting a post of a Christmas greeting to you all by the coming weekend.

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

2 thoughts on “Crazy BUT true

  1. If I could find three dogs looking like that I think I would keep then as very good company,they give me the impression that they could also speak. I would also like to have one of those littlr critters around my fingers and teachn him to speak as well.I will say this much Vic when you research into something you really go all out and I find that most interesting keep it up hey .


  2. By the way I just love your outside PC I think that it is great that you can do this in all weather when things get to hot for you inside then you can just move outside. whatr next hey


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