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I am pretty annoyed – I had just worked on this submission and lost the whole thing. So, I have redone it, and edited it sadly…

I was saying, that I created this picture in Photoshop, it took about an hour to finalize. As I was working on it, and looking at our daughters, the truth suddenly dawned on me – they are growing up FAST! Dad, you made a comment the other day that kids grow and leave the nest, and it feels horrible. Well, we are seeing parts of that happening right now as the girls grow and mature daily. We thank the Lord daily that the girls have had the Lord as their foundation in life.

I was chatting with the guys at Church and asked them this question: “if you could live life all over again starting at age 4 would you do it over? If you had the option to go into retirement would you do it?” There are days I would like to go back to being a kid, and do it over, but there are days that I look forward to retirement…pretty crazy! If you could what would you do…?

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

One thought on “Beauty…

  1. God has blessed you with two beautifuldaughters, be proud of them, and I can see that they are great Believers as they show joy and happiness in their eyes you have no idea how lucky you and Nancy are, my humble Blessings go out to them and I know that they will always be in my heart. I wish them happiness and luck for their future and pray that they will keep their eyes and hearts focused on Our Heavenly Father, and may they always be a joy to you both.


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