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The internet is a huge place – who would think that creating blogs could be a pretty lonely place? I am looking at the counter on this blog, and it is going up, that tells me people do stop by and read every once in a while for which I am grateful. What would be a real kick is if a comment could be posted to share some views on the topic. One thing I am guessing is that maybe a lot of folks out there would like to comment but don’t know how, so I am going to give it to you in point form and see who has the courage and time to follow the directions below and leave a comment.
  • 1. Click the “Comments” link that appears at the bottom of each blog submission, on the right side.
  • 2. When the next window opens, on the right of your screen, you will see a heading “leave your comment” and under it a small window with the cursor beating. Click with your mouse in that window, and begin typing your comment.
  • 3. When you are done, look below your comment, there are three indentities to choose from. If you are not a registered blogger, then you click for the middle option which is “other”.
  • 4. Once you have clicked “other” enter your name in the yellow field, and then look a little lower for the blue box that says “publish your comment” click that and your comment will appear on the blog.
What did we do before internet people? Amazing how this mass of wires, chips, cables and plastic connects us with a trillion other “items” of interest “online”. It is almost comparable to cellphones – what was the world before we had them? Ok I am sort of getting of course here, so let me publish this post, and see who has the courage to step out and leave a comment, this is going to be interesting.
  • A small hint, if you feel you are not succeeding the last thing you must not do is get flustered. Once the mind is flustered it misses the most glaringly obvious instruction and then frustration mounts and you give up. Also known as a “brain fart“. Just relax, read the 4 steps above, and you will be good to go.
Our hearts still go out to those who are having a really hard time in Mississippi thanks to Hurricane Katrina. All newsclips on tv resemble scenes from movies depicting mayhem, chaos, frustration, death and sadness. May help sincerely arrive soon, and may those in need and at a loss be comforted.

Author: Vic J

Living a simple life, free of clutter and complexity.

One thought on “Want to comment?

  1. Just a hint – if you are selling products or services please don’t post your comment links in this blog. We appreciate this is a huge market to attract but this is a family blog and unless you are giving away free barrels of cash you are better off posting comments on business blogs…Thank you.


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